Frequently Asked Questions

Unregistered visitors can browse talents and search for any skill and attribute. Search results may vary depending on the privacy settings of each talent.
If no contacting options are available on a profile you can always use the free in-app chat feature to reach out to the talent. To use the in-app chat you only need to register a free account and verify your phone number. No commission and no fees. Cool, innit?

We focus mainly on the following user groups:


  • Elderly people
  • Dual-income couples
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises


  • Adolescents
  • Students
  • Unemployed people
  • Part-time employees
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises

Too many.

Executable files such as .exe, .bat and .vbs are prohibited and blocked. File attachments (Adobe .pdf) and images (.png/.jpg/.jpeg) are allowed but scanned for potentially malicious content.

With the first release we target various countries in Europe. In a second step we expand to overseas.

All your documents (passport, ciminal records, etc.) are only used for verification purpose and never visible for the public. Once reviewed the according verifiaction badges will show up in your profile. Remember that you have to refresh some of the documents every year to keep the verifiaction badge.