No matter how much you earn, it is all yours.


  • Search talents & profiles
  • Advanced filter settings
  • Connect & chat with talents
  • In-app agreement tool
  • Secure & Ad-free
  • No commissions
$ 4.49 /mo

  • Offer any of your skills
  • Sophisticated profile attributes
  • Passport/Visa verification
  • Skill-specific conditions
  • Advanced privacy settings
  • No commissions
$ 8.99 /mo

  • All of basic plan
  • Real-time talent location
  • Rating system enabled
  • Skill-specific payment types
    Get a verification checkmark to increase your popularity
  • Criminal records verification
  • Upload qualification documents

Starter ideal for:

  • Finding profiles that exactly match your search and filter requirements
  • Unlimited browsing, chatting and negotiations
  • Meeting talents and make new like-minded friends
  • Any needs in- and around your home

Basic ideal for:

  • Skills that are executed outdoor
  • Freelancers who want to grow their self-employment
  • Students who want to earn some extra income
  • Part-time employees, small and medium-sized enterprises

Premium ideal for:

  • Skills that require confidentially, e.g. working with minors
  • Talents who want to offer their skills automatically along the way
  • Professionals who want to underline their qualifications
  • Fully self-employed talents

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